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New Strains Alert: Pineapple Fields, Purple Pinecone, Fruity Widow, and More

November 11, 2016
This week’s New Strains Alert is a terpene-rich “Hail to the Chief!” Whomever you voted for and whether or not they won or lost, this list of pungent flowers has a flavor or effect for you. Angel OG is a fruity twist on a classic OG cross, offering deep sedation and a berry undertone. Ultra Sour is a stimulating bent on a strain known for its psychedelic visuals and immensely heady energy. Dark Blue Dream delivers a relaxing take on a classic Haze-driven hybrid that is certain to stimulate creativity. Indica, sativa, or hybrid, Leafly remains tri-partisan and an embodiment of the inclusive diversity central to cannabis and this great nation.

Ppf Pineapple Fields   Pineapple Fields

Pineapple Fields by Dynasty Seeds is an extremely odoriferous hybrid cross with a long lineage and even longer lasting effects. By crossing Kali Snapple (Snow Bud/Pineapple x Pre-2K Kali Mist) and Ms. Universe #10, Dynasty Seeds achieves a strain with a sweet terpene profile and energizing, clear-headed attributes. Known to produce a good yield over its 9-10 week grow cycle, Pineapple Fields exhibits purple leaves and chunky buds despite its sativa dominance. Enjoy Pineapple Fields throughout the day to elevate mood, curb depression, and stimulate motivation.


Ppi Purple Pinecone   Purple Pinecone

Purple Pinecone by Sagarmatha Seeds is a dense indica known for its heavy effects and generous trichome production. Though its genetics remain unknown, this deep purple strain reeks of pine and earth, hinting at its indica parentage. The weighted effects lay into the body, offering a classic stony sensation that locks you to the couch. This powerful relaxation makes Purple Pinecone ideal for consumers seeking relief from insomnia, stress, and pain.


Ang Angel OG   Angel OG

Angel OG is a fruity Kush cross that drapes the body in mellow effects from head to toe. This strain’s OG Kush x Blackberry lineage gives the buds an aroma of earth, pine, and sweetness while supplying the consumer with potent physical effects. The strong relaxing properties of Angel OG are ideal for patients suffering from chronic physical pain, insomnia, and stress.


Usr Ultra Sour   Ultra Sour

Ultra Sour by THSeeds is a tart cross out of Amsterdam. This strain is the product of crossing MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel, creating a sativa-dominant bud with uplifting stimulation and heady euphoria. Ultra Sour smells of pine and diesel, and its buds are deep green with rusty orange pistils. The potent mental effects can be a little daunting for inexperienced consumers, so mind your dosage. Enjoy Ultra Sour as a means to shrug off stress and enhance creativity.


Wbs White Bastard   White Bastard

White Bastard is an indica-dominant strain predominantly found east of the Rocky Mountains. It exemplifies its pungent parentage, DJ Short’s Blueberry and God Bud, through its strong aromas of blueberry intermixed with notes of earth, skunk, and forest. The effects are powerful and calming, imbuing the consumer with weighted relaxation and a creeping buzz that keeps the mind clear and the eyes squinted. Enjoy White Bastard throughout the day to combat ailments such as nausea, headaches, and moderate physical pain while preserving mental clarity.


Dkb Dark Blue Dream   Dark Blue Dream

Dark Blue Dream is a gently sedating twist on a classic. By combining the ubiquitous headiness of Blue Dream with Dark Night’s semi-sedative physical aura, an enjoyable hybrid is created that stimulates the mind while simultaneously relaxing the body. These complementary attributes make Dark Blue Dream an ideal after-work strain. The sweet flavor and pungent aroma are a feast for the senses while the headiness promotes creativity and lateral thought without overstimulating the consumer.


Ftw Fruity Widow   Fruity Widow

Fruity Widow by 710 Genetics is a coupling of classic phenotypes to create a potent union of sweet terpenes and hybridized effects. 710 Genetics combined the flavorful Blueberry and the well-balanced, resinous White Widow to create an instant classic. Enjoy Fruity Widow throughout the day to enhance mood, combat depression, and spur creativity.

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Jeremiah Wilhelm

Jeremiah Wilhelm is a former strain researcher at Leafly.

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  • Linda Vee Sado

    Every time I find a strain I really like it goes away and I waste money on the new ones and end up not liking too many

    • CAT

      Sure it sucks when our favorites are not in season or perhaps too far to travel for. Pay attention to the lineage of what you like, you may love other hybrids with either parents.When I started coming to NS, I got some free 1 gram pre-rolls for doing surveys and with a small investment, I was able to try all but 2 of the regular offerings locally. Simple notes tossed in Onenote documented my likes, dislikes, impression and some surprises came up, like the scary potent Pineapple Express that made my pain drain out of my body like someone uncorked my toe. I sat giggling for an hour before deciding I was having way too much fun by my self. By knowing who’s related and what characteristics I was wanting I was able to make educated choices with a high probability that I would find the best strain available for myself.

      • Chris Lee

        They are available just have to follow the Genetics (cannabis genetics database) goggle it if not let me know if I can help.

      • BuckCronkite

        Lane, good advice you gave Linda. The Pineapple Express you described has me salivating.

        • CAT

          Yea, Im down to 3.5 grams of it..Time to go shopping.

      • Linda Vee Sado

        Sounds good I really don’t care for anything but hard core high THC Sativa’s The rest all put me to sleep or in a bad mood

  • G.M.Duclos

    Thanks for the update. In CT Pineapple Fields is being grown and sold under the name, Zainavir by Theraplant. As a strong Sativa stain/hybrid. This is a good daytime motivator, not too heady so as to interfere with focusing at work, but a pleasant boost to get things done.