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New Strains Alert: Mountain Girl, Lazy Train, Lemon Cake, and More

Published on June 30, 2017 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Happy Friday and welcome back to another New Strains Alert!

This week we are showing off some hybrids from Andromeda Strains, Cereal Killer Genetics, Heavyweight Seeds, and few others, including a very special homage to Carolyn Elizabeth Garcia. Lemon Cake, also known as Lemon Cheesecake, is the standout sativa of the mix, offering flavorful and pungent genetics that are perfect for summer weather. Our hybrid inductees range in genetic dominance. Lazy Train leans on Lavender’s weighted effects and Qrazy Train’s deep 4-way genetics to create a hybrid of hybrids while Black Magic’s genetic were specifically chosen for their dark foliage and heavy indica-dominant qualities.

As always, if you’ve had the pleasure of any of these strains, leave a review and share your experience with the cannabis community.

Mtg Mountain Girl Leafly cannabis strain tile
Mountain Girl

Mountain Girl by Pilot Farm of Oregon is a strain homage to Jerry Garcia’s “Mountain Girl,” Carolyn Elizabeth Garcia. This cross of Willy’s Wonder,Granddaddy Purple, andWhite Widow is an uplifting, all-day strain that comes with an insatiable appetite stimulation. Mountain Girl’s aroma is sweet and earthy with a skunky finish. It’s good for improving mood and front-loading creativity, but mind your dosage, as the intense euphoria can be overwhelming for uninitiated consumers. “Mountain Girl” Carolyn Garcia is also the author of a series of cannabis growing guides entitled Primo Plant.

Lzt Lazy Train Leafly cannabis strain tile
Lazy Train

Lazy Train is a rare indica-dominant hybrid of Qrazy Train and Lavender. This strain produces olive green buds with dainty amber hairs and emits a strong floral aroma. The effects hit slowly, creeping over the consumer’s body as blissful and weighed relaxation. Lazy Train has been known to produce upwards of 20% THC and dense coats of resin. Its herbal, woody aroma and pleasant physical effects make it ideal for mood enhancement, stress reduction, and pain management.

Pqd Pine Queen Dream Leafly cannabis strain tile
Pine Queen Dream

Pine Queen Dream by Piranha Seeds is a deep cannabis cut combining esoteric genetics with familiar favorites. Created from Pine Queen Haze (a cross of Pursuang Haze and Pine Queen) and Blue Dream, this sativa-dominant hybrid offers consumers a potent cerebral high alongside a rich pine aroma. The flavor is also woody and herbal, with notes of spice from the strain’s latent Haze genetics. Its uplifting mental effects can help improve mood and nullify stress while the physical effects remain potent and persistent with continued consumption. This strain was produced for and is grown by Green Acres Pharm.

What is pinene and what does this cannabis terpene do?

Bmi Black Magic Leafly cannabis strain tile
Black Magic

Black Magic by Andromeda Strains is a deep, dark cannabis variety with exclusive genetics. Created from Melvanetics’ own Buckeye Purple and Andromeda’s Cherry Sauce, Black Magic combines top-shelf phenotypes to create a unique strain with an equally unique look. One of the growers at Andromeda Strains noted that Black Magic was created by crossing their two darkest plants, producing the darkest strain they’ve ever seen. Expressing intoxicating pungent and sweet aromas, Black Magic is not a strain to miss.

Vep Velvet Purps Leafly cannabis strain tile
Velvet Purps

Velvet Purps by Sun Roots Farm is an indica-dominant hybrid steeped in JahGoo genetics. It’s created by crossing JahGoo with Magic Bus (itself a cross between T2 and JahGoo). This backcrossing of JahGoo genetics fortifies the relaxing, indica-dominant effects while preserving the emerald green foliage and purple accents the strain is known for. Velvet Purps produces trichome-laden buds that emit a berry and pine aroma that opens up on the palate. Enjoy this strain to don a peaceful, relaxing buzz that is perfectly suited for evening consumption

Lck Lemon Cake Leafly cannabis strain tile
Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake by Heavyweight Seeds is a potent sativa-dominant strain with sweet and musky aromas. Also known as Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Cake is the cross of Lemon Skunk and a “dangerously powerful Cheese,” according to HS. With a nine to ten week flowering time, squat morphology, and abundant yield, Lemon Cake is kind to growers, especially those outdoors. This strain emits a pungent citrus aroma with a musky Cheese undertone. Heavyweight Seeds recommends consuming this strain to combat stress, loss of appetite, and minor physical discomfort.

Sci Savage Citrus Sunshine Leafly cannabis strain tile
Savage Citrus Sunshine

Savage Citrus Sunshine by Cereal Killer Genetics is a Citrus Sunshine Hazephenotype with potency on tap. Finishing in approximately 8 weeks and producing a dense crop of trichome-coated buds, Savage Citrus Sunshine offers highly potent flowering for consumers with high-potency needs. The strain emits a distinct grapefruit flavor with a hashy aftertaste and the effects “kick like Bruce Lee,” so says the Stinky Shaman. Enjoy Savage Citrus Sunshine to elevate mood and moderate minor physical discomfort, but beware, this strain’s physical and mental effects can be overwhelming for unseasoned consumers.

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