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New Strains Alert: Rollex OG, Sinai, Puna Budder, Orange Hill Special, and More

Published on June 26, 2015 · Last updated July 28, 2020

The Leafly Strain Explorer is always growing thanks to your fantastic suggestions, and this week we have new strains that were nominated by users like you! Each entry has been added to the database and is ready for your review, so pick them up if they're available in your area and give them a try. You can also check out all the other newly added strains in our Explorer and leave a review for any that you enjoy!

Leafly Green Python cannabis strain tile
1. Green Python

Green Python is an indica-dominant strain bred by House of Funk Genetics that was created by cross-pollinating Burmese (from Bodhi Seeds) with a Green Crack clone. The resulting hybrid is full-bodied and known for its fast flowering cycle. The bite from Green Python is a blend of balanced effects that incite cerebral energy with a calm, relaxed body.

Leafly Puna Budder cannabis strain tile
2. Puna Budder

Puna Budder is a hybrid of Hawaiian and Afghanilandraces bred by T.H. Seeds. The tropical influence of Hawaiian genetics creates an invigorating aroma and flavor palate, while the stable Afghani genes minimize Puna Budder’s flowering cycle down to a respectable 55-60 days.

Leafly Sinai cannabis strain tile
3. Sinai

Sinai, also known as Red Sea, is an Egyptian landrace strain cultivated on the Sinai Peninsula by the indigenous Bedouin population. There are two known phenotypes of the variety: a shorter tree-like indica expression and a taller sativa-like vine that is easier to train. Both emit a pungent aroma, but the dense indica pheno adds a skunky note to the mix. Originally Sinai was fertilized using mud from the Nile River or fresh camel dung, and was grown to produce hash using the traditional methods that have been practiced in the Middle East for centuries. The resulting effects are euphoric, blissful, and offer an array of therapeutic benefits.

Leafly Rollex OG Kush cannabis strain tile
4. Rollex OG Kush

Rollex OG Kush, bred by Devil’s Harvest Seeds, is an indica-dominant hybrid of White Fire OG and Kuchi. The combination creates a complex flavor profile that mixes the skunky, pine flavors of OG Kush with sharp cheesy undertones. The effects from Rollex OG Kush start with an uplifting burst of cerebral energy that borders on psychedelic, eventually leveling off into a relaxing body buzz that creeps up slowly and disbands stress and muscle tension.

Leafly Mega Jackpot cannabis strain tile
5. Mega Jackpot

Mega Jackpot is a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes genetics from Jack Herer, Northern Lights, and Haze. The three-way combination creates a potent strain with flavors of grape and vanilla. The effects from Mega Jackpot create a cerebral energy that incites creativity and happiness. While not the easiest strain to grow, seasoned growers will appreciate Mega Jackpot’s purple hues and THC levels that reach upwards of 25%.

Leafly Fruitylicious cannabis strain tile
6. Fruitylicious

Fruitylicious is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by Mandala Seeds. Its fruit flavors are passed down from its parent strains, Blueberry and Very Berry Hashberry, and mix with subtle notes of hazelnut and pine. The effects of Fruitylicious are happy and uplifting with a burst of euphoria that helps keep a smile on your face during outdoor activities and creative endeavors.

Leafly Orange Hill Special cannabis strain tile
7. Orange Hill Special

Orange Hill Special is a select cross from the Orange Skunk family. Bred by Dutch Passion Seed Company, Orange Hill Special was developed over six generations by blending the genetics from Orange Bud and California Orange into a balanced hybrid. Known for its bright orange pistils and citrus flavors, Orange Hill Special triggers a cerebral buzz that is equalized by relaxing body effects.

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