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Leafly staff picks: Strains of 4/20

Published on April 19, 2021 · Last updated June 15, 2021

April 20th is just around the corner, and Leafly has been hard at work making sure the holiday is as legendary as possible.

It’s our privilege to share the strains we’re smokin’ this 4/20 in the true spirit of the day: one love, good vibes, and dank weed.

Janessa Bailey – Editor

420 vibe: Elevate, elevate, elevate, elevate

Favorite munchies: white cheddar Cheetos and green grapes

“4/20 is an exciting day for us, so I will start my day with Purple Diesel in my Grav bubbler. I love a little Diesel in the morning! In the afternoon, I will begin enjoying one of Keef’s cannabis-infused sodas (Bubba Kush root beer) to ease me through the rest of the workday. Once my computer goes off, I’ll switch to the relaxing Bubba Fett.”

Chris Reap – Director of retail sales

420 vibe: golf and chill

Favorite munchies: chips and guac

“I’m going to catch up on relaxation by smoking High School Sweetheart and hitting the golf course and pool.”

Sara Kea – Customer success manager

420 vibe: go big and Blue at home

Favorite munchies: Limón Lays

“Baking cookies, Blue Dream, and Blue Burst.”

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Natalie Feldman – Ad sales

420 vibe: “meet me in Palm Springs”

Favorite munchies: Oreos, snickerdoodles, and Taki’s

“For my first Leafly 420, I’ll be vaping by the pool. My favs are Wedding Cake, Blackberry, and Blackwater OG.”

Emily Resling – Senior creative manager

420 vibe: bravo to the brands

Favorite munchies: Chips, salsa, guac. Also, fresh jicama sticks dipped in guac. Basically, guac.

“I’ll be wake-n-baking with my current favorite pre-rolls from Stone Road. Any decisions I make after that will be cannabis-forward, including when I dip into my House of Cultivar weed salad. My day will definitely include gardening — my basil & arugula are starting to pop!”

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David Downs – Senior editor

420 vibe: industry It Guy

Favorite munchies: homemade popcorn with sea salt and butter, ice cream, crispy chicken sandwiches, craft beer

“Showing my (masked) face at an industry mixer, and smoking some flower while watching Ngaio Bealum’s comedy extravanganja, and the Glasshouse’s Flying Lotus live stream. My menu for the day includes 2021 Emerald Cup winner Connected Gelonade and some bomb indoor-grown, woman-owned CAM’s ZimZims. ZimZims is Zkittlez crossed back to itself. 

Some new Creme Dulce by Headstash and Cartel Money—for that exotic life. 

For the evening, we’ll have Mimosa and Ice Cream Cake.”

Kit Bridge – Product manager

420 vibe: bossing up

Favorite munchies: Tillamook black cherry ice cream and pizza

“I’m celebrating 420 at my new apartment with Blue Steel and Gelato #33.”

Dylan Davis – Business operations

420 vibe: parks and rec

Favorite munchies: fresh fruit and iced coffee

“At the very least, I’ll enjoy a few Runtz joints at the park. If the weather is looking good, Seattle has great nude beaches where you can find others celebrating as well!  Fingers crossed!”

Ruben Chen – Onboarding manager

420 vibe: taco bout a good time

Favorite munchies: Ruffles potato chips and chips and salsa with my tacos

“A Sour Tangie dab, followed by an infused pre-roll using Blackberry Kush, maybe a solar hit if I remember, and then making tacos! It’s my tradition. The tacos should not take me more than 20-30 minutes, but I will get SO HIGH, I will focus on every little detail until my taco spread is perfect. So, maybe 1.5 hours? To top it all off, I will either watch a TON of anime or a stoner classic like Half Baked.

If it’s a sunny day and you have a magnifying glass, do some solar hits. Cleanest and freshest hit you’ll ever have. Nothing is more stoner than lighting your bowl with the power of the sun!”

Rachel Pavilanis – Software engineer

420 vibe: haze and hammocks

Favorite munchies: brownies and popcorn

“Hopefully I will be in a hammock somewhere, listening to music and reading with my Ghost Train Haze not too far away.”

Marisa Fowler – Customer support

420 vibe: sativa diva

Favorite munchies: Doritos and strawberry kiwi Snapple

“Smoking joints and packing bowls with whatever sativas and hybrids I desire.”

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Cassidy Rush – SEO manager

420 vibe: dab all day

Favorite munchies: Zebra cakes

DABS ALL DAY. We splurged on rosin dabs from our local dispensary. Sour Diesel for a wake and bake. Peppermint Cookies for endless video gaming, Nepali OG for scrolling through ridiculous TikToks and a good night of sleep. We’ll probably watch a combination of stand-up comedy, video games, and lots of anime.”

Leslie Zavisca – VP of engineering

420 vibe: clock out and PAX up

Favorite strain: 9lb Hammer

“I’ll be spending most of the day working hard to ensure we deliver the best 4/20 Leafly can. When we’re done, I’ll likely hit my PAX to unwind and get a good night’s sleep. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll throw in a dark chocolate edible, too.”

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