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Updating Your Inventory for 4/20? Make Sure You Have These Strains in Stock

Published on April 14, 2016 · Last updated July 28, 2020

(Updated 4/12/2018)

It’s the most won-der-ful time of the yearrrrrrrr. That’s right, 4/20 is rapidly approaching, meaning your business is about to enjoy a nice traffic bump as more people flock to your location to stock up for the biggest cannabis-friendly holiday. Now that you’ve honed your marketing strategy in anticipation of the big day, it’s time to check your inventory and make sure you’ve got the goodies your customers expect.

We put together this handy word cloud containing the 100 most trafficked strains on 4/20. These are the varieties Leafly users pull up the most on April 20th. Click on each strain name to navigate to its details page.

Of the 100 most frequently looked at strains, these top 12 are must-haves. We’ve listed them below, as well as worthy substitutions if you can’t snag the exact variety for 4/20.

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Leafly "Blue Dream" hybrid cannabis strain tile
Blue Dream

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly "GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)" hybrid cannabis strain tile
GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies)

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly "Sour Diesel" sativa cannabis strain tile
Sour Diesel

Worthy substitutions:

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Leafly "OG Kush" hybrid cannabis strain tile
OG Kush

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly "Green Crack" sativa cannabis strain tile
Green Crack

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly "Granddaddy Purple" indica cannabis strain tile
Granddaddy Purple

Worthy substitutions:

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Leafly "White Widow" hybrid cannabis strain tile
White Widow

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly "Jack Herer" sativa cannabis strain tile
Jack Herer

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly "Bubba Kush" indica cannabis strain tile
Bubba Kush

Worthy substitutions:

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Leafly "Northern Lights" indica cannabis strain tile
Northern Lights

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly GG4 (f.k.a Gorilla Glue #4) hybrid cannabis strain

Worthy substitutions:

Leafly Pineapple Express hybrid cannabis strain
Pineapple Express

Worthy substitutions:

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Rebecca Kelley
Rebecca Kelley
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